Silicone Baby Tray

Non-Slip Baby Tray With Lid

How Silicone Infant Food Trays Revolutionize Feeding Time:

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Like many first time dads and moms speedily find out, feeding youthful toddlers is no simple job. It can be an exhausting and messy process. There is rarely a feeding time that doesn’t conclude in foodstuff all around your surfaces and the infant. As young children are developing and establishing, they often use their fingers to check out and find out. This is a real problem throughout feeding time. Babies enjoy throwing and dropping items before them, especially if they have foodstuff in them. This is exactly where the new Silicone Infant Tray comes in to rescue the day.

Ultimate Kitchen developed a different way to feed toddlers than classic dishes. Their new line of Silicone Infant Trays stick down to whatever ingesting area you are at so your young children can’t knock in excess of any foodstuff. The organization developed their newest goods to have a variety of characteristics to significantly simplify mealtime for equally you and your young children.

One: Built in Suction Cups Keep the Silicone Infant Tray in its Original Location

The one hundred percent food quality, BPA free silicone infant feeding tray has 4 suction cups that are developed to adhere to any difficult area your family members eat on. When the suction cups are pressed down they grip on to the area and preserve the complete foodstuff tray in place as the infant eats. With an easy, 1-piece layout, your child will not be capable of seizing the feeding tray to pick it up or knock it off of the table!

The suction cups are also developed to attach to any area to make the use of the Silicone Infant Tray versatile. The scaled-down foodstuff tray is the ideal dimension for most highchairs making it best for the youthful young children in the family members.

Two: The Silicone Infant Tray’s Built in Placemat Lowers Mess

The Silicone Infant Tray was also developed to have a bordering placemat that the foodstuff compartments are built in to. The placemat of the larger feeding tray is the identical dimension as a normal placemat for tables. This dimension is ideal for youthful children eating at the table with the rest of the family members. When ingesting messy food items like apple sauce or spaghetti, dad and mom do not want to worry about their children getting foodstuff outside of the foodstuff compartments because the placemat will catch any dropped food. This dimension is best for young children just learning how to use utensils. Dad and mom can look at their children discover the new talent of employing forks and spoons to feed on their own without stressing about the mess. When your child is done eating, just pick up the complete tray all in 1.

Three: The Silicone Infant Tray Comes with a Movable Lid

Dad and mom often dread having their youthful children at a restaurant or any other community eating location. It is often difficult to discover foodstuff for toddlers on a normal menu and many dads and moms are ashamed about the mess their young children make. With the Silicone Infant Tray, an accompanying lid and bag helps make it achievable to transportation your kid’s favored meals and snacks without leaks to a restaurant or play date. Dad and mom will not have to worry about picky eaters when they provide just what the child loves to eat at home.

The new Silicone Baby Tray from Ultimate Kitchen is available now on Amazon.